The sudden development of spots or sensation of floaters or flashing of lights should prompt you to seek an immediate eye examination with your ophthalmologist.

About Eye Doctor/Ophthalmologist Dr. Neil Bealka, Jr.

Dr. Neil Bealka, Jr. and staff believe “patient first”. We know that you have a choice when it comes to eye care doctors and that in the United States, with the best medical system in the world, you have a right to your high expectations for quality eyecare. With our surgical, clinical and optical services, our highly trained staff is dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy the best possible eyesight. We welcome and value your input through our online Satisfaction Survey.

Bealka Eye Surgery is dedicated to serving vision health needs to Central Texas and participates in a number of local events in Hillsboro, Hamilton, Gatesville and other surrounding communities.  The participation includes the following:

Please “contact Dr. Neil Bealka, Jr. if you are interested in eye examinations, cataract surgery, and treatment of eye diseases.

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